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Summer comeback!

Gosh it's been such a long time since my last post! I told you earlier that I would start writing more but it once again failed. In the past 2 months quite a lot has happened and unfortunately my blog hasn't been on the top of my to-do list. But now that's going to change. I have too many things to write about to keep postponing my blog writing so from now on I'll keep writing more often. Hopefully this time I manage to do so! And to celebrate my comeback I'll (once again) change the look of my blog and perhaps something else...

I have unfinished post about my trips to Osaka (which actually was ages ago...) and Seoul, my upcoming trips, graduation (!), my new home and more. So tune in as I manage to finish more posts! 

ps. This is not the only comeback this month... Yes I mean EXO's big comeback which is happening later this month! Today we got the first teaser featuring Kai ❤ I'm getting more and more excited about their comeback. I just know it'll be awesome so my fellow EXO-Ls get ready! 

xoxo, Elina 


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Blogilates - workout heaven!

This post is all about working out and especially Blogilates - the workout heaven. 

My addiction to Blogilates started thanks to my friend who got obsessed with it very fast and could not stop talking about it. At first I thought "okay yaay you're doing workout videos at home good for you" but after a while I got interested too. Maybe it was because my friend was really getting results from it and no she wasn't going to the gym etc addition to those workout videos. She only did those videos every day or at least 5-6 days a week and changed her eating habits a bit and still she lost weight and got strength, muscles and her general condition got better. I noticed right away that the calendars that she was following were very good. Cassey who is the founder of Blogilates and does all the workout videos, also makes a calendar for every month and it always contains cardio video/s and videos for toning some part of the body (arms, butt, abs....). You can get it once you ord…

Hello April!

April, the month I have been eagerly waiting for, is finally here! The main reason for my excitement is my trip to Seoul which will start next Saturday. I don't if it's due to stressing over my thesis or the weather and the coldness here but I have been super eager to leave already for a long time. Spring has already well started in Seoul (not like here in Finland) so I'm really looking forward to the warmer weather and the cherry blossoms. I also can't wait to see my dear Korean friend and hang out with her as much as possible. And there's the good food and great shopping places too so no wonder I have wanted to start packing for the past month. Last week I also managed to buy myself a M Cultour Package from SMTOWN Travel so I will attend the M!Countdown show on the 13th in Seoul. I was a bit unsure if they will sell it for April but the sale finally started and of course I bought it right away. Attending one of those K-pop TV shows has been my dream for a few yea…

2nd seminar DONE!

In the midst of various tasks I needed to do this week (go to the hair dresser, help my mum, go see my friends and get ready for my trip), I had to go to Rauma today to have my 2nd seminar. I was a bit nervous but also relieved that I can finally get that over with and start focusing on the next part in my thesis. I got very good feedback from my thesis supervisor and my friend who is my opponent. The supervisor even said that at the moment it looks like I'll get a 5 for my thesis! I was really surprised because I'm not even aiming for the highest grade but of course it would be great to get it. Now the next step is to figure out the questions I want to ask from my case company and after choosing them, I have to send them ASAP. I'm not feeling very confident about being able to finish the empirical part especially because now I also need to find myself an apartment for the summer. That's because I'm moving to Jyväskylä to work for the summer! Actually earlier last …